About MissingPeopleInCanada.ca


This website was created to allow people to view and submit information about missing people in Canada.

You can post information, photos, even video of a missing person in Canada.  Website visitors can share your missing person on social media and also have the option to contact you directly from the website if they have any information regarding a missing person in Canada.

Using MissingPeopleInCanada.ca to list or advertise a missing person in Canada is easy. Your missing person listing will get a dedicated web page that you can share with the world.

Our website uses the latest technology for you to submit. list and share a missing person online in Canada.

It is dedicated to missing woman Ashley Simpson


The Following People or Businesses Have Donated to www.MissingPeopleInCanada.ca

Sindal Simpson
Casidi Chrysler
Niagara Valley Farms
Joe Galway