LOCATED – Mara Zuiderwijk, 29. German Tourist Missing In Quebec City, QC. Grande Allée Est, Quebec City, QC, Canada
Posted on July 3, 2019
Listing Type : Located
Location : Canada / Quebec / Quebec

Mara Zuiderwijk, 29, was found to be in good health. Thank you for your cooperation

The Quebec police have just published a notice of search to find Mara Zuiderwijk, 29, from Germany.

Ms. Zuiderwijk had been on vacation in Quebec for three days and was last seen in the Grande Allée Est area around 3:10 pm on July 3, 2019.

Ms. Zuiderwijk is a German tourist who speaks English.

Her relatives have reason to fear for her health and safety.

Mara Zuiderwijk, 29 years old,

• 5’6,

• 150lbs,

• Blue eyes,

• Black hair,

• She was wearing a yellow shoulder bag, golden beige sandals.

If you see this person, dial 911 for immediate action. To transmit information that will be treated confidentially, dial 418-641-AGIR (2447) and for people outside Quebec City, 1-888-641-AGIR, toll-free throughout the province. ‘North America. The file referred to is QUE-190703-00228.

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