Police urging public to come forward with any information on missing Surrey men

Police urging public to come forward with any information on missing Surrey men

38-year-old Ryan Provencher and 37-year-old Richard Scurr haven’t been seen since July 17. That’s when the two Surrey men planned to travel from the Lower Mainland to Spences Bridge — 35 kilometres northeast of Lytton.

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At one point police believed the two had arrived at their destination. But now investigators are reexamining all evidence in an attempt to develop a new timeline for the men.

“It was believed that intially they made it there,” said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenore Sturko. “It wasn’t uncommon for at least one of the men to go there, as he often conducted business in the area. But what is unusual is that neither of them have checked in with family or friends since they left.”

The two men made the trip in a white 2019 Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle was found parked in a wooded area near Logan Lake. But an examination of the immediate area found no signs of the Provencher or Scurr.

The vehicle was towed into Kamloops where investigators examined the vehicle and collected evidence.

“They will be going through some evidence which they collected from that in an effort to try to pin-point more information on where they may have gone or where they might be at this time,” said Sturko.

Cpl. Sturko says investigators are still treating this as a missing persons case. They say there was no initial evidence of foul play in the vehicle or in the neighbouring woods.

Investigators are still hoping a member of the public will contact them with new information that can help police solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the two.

By Dave Barry

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