Solve the Case: Deceased Male Found Near Deep River

Solve the Case: Deceased Male Found Near Deep River

On September 5, 2001, a male body was found at a rest area of a remote cross-country ski trail near Deep River, Ontario. The male was found on a bench in an outhouse. There was no trauma to the body and the cause of death could not be determined. The male was well-tanned and it appeared that his face had recently been sunburned.


Details of Investigation

  • Local resident found the male deceased in an outhouse.
  • Estimated to have been dead for two or three days.
  • OPP searched local area by vehicle and helicopter to try to locate an abandoned vehicle in the area. No vehicle was found.
  • Extensive canvass of local establishments was conducted to see if anyone recognized the male.
  • Identified remains unknown.

Physical Features

  • Appeared to be between 28 – 40 years-old
  • 5′ 4′ with a slim build
  • No tattoos or scars
  • Well-tanned
  • Caucasian
  • Blue eyes
  • Brown hair
  • Wearing black, Replay running shoes (size small), blue Pepe jeans and a dark-blue long-sleeved shirt

Important information


Items located with the male:

  • Knapsack – Eagle Creek Travel Brand
  • Hiking items such as a candle, lantern, mini-mag flashlight, water container and matches
  • Levi’s pocket watch, with a blue face, located in the knapsack
  • Luggage tag sticker from a Costa Rican domestic airline
  • Plastic laundry bag from Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto
  • Matches from Sheraton Hotel, W Hotels (American chain) and Barclay Hotel in Vancouver
  • Protein bars from a GNC store, likely from United States
  • Silver ring with aqua-coloured stone – right little finger
  • Koh Sakai glasses
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Can You Solve This Case?

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