The Search for Brook Chaboyer expands

The Search for Brook Chaboyer expands

The family of Brook Chaboyer continue to hold a distant hope that their brother and son will be found safe, and while they understand that there may not be a positive outcome to their search, they want to find closure.

“I think we are pretty convinced that we lost him,” said Kerri Chaboyer-Jean, Brook’s sister. “At this point, I think we are looking for closure. The longer it goes, you have to wonder why we haven’t come across him. I guess there is always that distant hope.”

Search efforts continued for 51-year-old Brook Chaboyer on Saturday with the help of the Bear Clan Patrol. Brook has not been heard from since Feb. 4 and was reported missing to police on Feb. 8.

Last week, family and friends, along with a police aerial drone searched the George Burke Park area. On Saturday, volunteers returned to the park, as well as areas surrounding Brook’s apartment near John Street and Rockwood Ave.

“Brook didn’t have his car, so we are pretty convinced he left on foot,” Chaboyer-Jean said. “We don’t see how else. He didn’t call a cab or anything like that. The search today is focusing there and going out from there.”

According to Chaboyer-Jean, the family has not received any information about Brook or anyone reporting having seen him since he went missing.

“It’s like he disappeared into thin air,” she said.

On Saturday, more than 60 people volunteered in the search, including members of the Bear Clan Patrol who coordinated efforts.

“We are pretty overwhelmed by the support we’ve had,” Chaboyer-Jean said. “My brother’s work has totally been supporting us. He has fought with addictions and mental health issues, but he’s a good guy, and that shows with all of his friends and everybody that has come out.”

Jen Chisholm, a member of Bear Clan Patrol, said they are not professional searchers, but do have experience looking for people.  

“Even just giving folks strategies for how to search for someone and to pay attention to where you are walking and where you are looking and being mindful,” she said. “Making sure you are looking two by two, checking streets and sidewalks, back alleys. In the parks there are a lot of trails and side trails. In the winter like this, you are looking for tracks, just anything that disturbs the snow.”

Chisholm added that recent heavy snowfall in the city can make searching difficult, but it is important for searchers, or just the general public, to be mindful of anything out of the ordinary.

The family said the search will continue until Brook is found and encourage anyone with information that could help to come forward.

“We are kind of desperate for information at this point because we don’t know anything,” Chaboyer-Jean said. “We just want answers.”

Brook Chaboyer, 51, is described as Caucasian, standing approximately five feet, six inches tall with a heavy build. He has a fair complexion, short blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone with information about the possible whereabouts of Brook Chaboyer is asked to contact Thunder Bay Police at 684-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at

Source: TBNewsWatch

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