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MissingPeopleInCanada.ca Taking An Active Part In The Search For Missing Teen Samantha Lambert

MissingPeopleInCanada.ca is taking an active role in the search for missing teen Samantha Lambert from the Niagara Region.

Samantha Lambert has not been seen or heard from by family and friends since September 4, 2018. Family and friends are very concerned about her disappearance, it is not like Samantha to just leave and not inform anyone.

MissingPeopleInCanada.ca is assisting in the search for Samantha by having missing person posters printed and arranging for them to be placed in local businesses and public areas. As well as providing the posters to members of the public to place in areas where they live. MissingPeopleInCanada.ca  is currently organizing searches for Samantha Lambert in various locations of the Niagara Region, these searches are still in the planing phase and anyone who wishes to help with this is encouraged to contact us.

We all have one common goal, and that is to bring Samantha Lambert home.

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